iSIKHNAS is Indonesia’s integrated livestock and animal health information system that was initiated through the Australia and Indonesia Partnership for Emerging Infectious Diseases (AIPEID) program in 2012. Currently, iSIKHNAS is able to meet the data and information needs in the livestock and animal health sector throughout Indonesia. The data captured in iSIKHNAS include animal disease, treatment, laboratory confirmation, production, animal movement, and abattoir data.

As the number of iSIKHNAS users increases significantly, more and more data is available in iSIKHNAS. To encourage users to use the data from iSIKHNAS, publications are prepared consisting of  bulletins presenting information on iSIKHNAS activities and data analysis. To date, most of the publications are available only in Indonesian, but general publications such as the annual monitoring reports would be available in English and Indonesian. Such publications can then be used as a reference to support policy making and program planning.